Our Sanstha

The Maharishi education by Dr. Bapuji salunkhe of "knowledge, science and culture for education extension" of the goal of the inspiration and motivation of the Guru who forever work of the department of view of the organization hundreds of miles away Culture Centre Swami Vivekananda Education, Teachers financial relief at the time of their issue activists and officials together with their should economic problems solved and the members of the future will therefore be smooth saving convenience.

To this day, many members of the organization's children from the education credit, marriage, place, land purchase transaction, farmers, housing, e. Puri constructive works have been made successfully. Ganga is kept flowing by the side of your development organization efficiently many obstacles which his life. Member and member of the ward, such as the ideal teacher award the prize as part of the plan is to keep commitment to social welfare and tried to perform his obligations rabavuna organization.

Sudden death of a member of the economic implosion and certainly a guarantor of the institution to reduce the financial hardship due to Rs 1 lakh to the group insurance plan has been started. Currently approved by the organization's 38th annual general meeting of the increased deposit welfare counselor release plan approved by thinking it has gained permission. The scheme will be introduced at the annual meeting of the incoming 3 9.

Finally, this organization has maintained this tradition so far unopposed election except for one exception to the organization of labor, which has led to savings of time and money. This is all thanks to the wise members.

The Institute has been accepted by the computing performance of modern banking system. The computer system is accepted. The modern banking system to benefit members such as NEFT & RTGS plan is made available by the Union Bank of India.
Member Story
" Loan Meeting On Every Month 1st and 3rd Saturday"

Member Welfare Deposit Scheme

Finincial year 2016-2017 audit class "A"
Major Facilities
  • Loans Available
  • Well Edu. Staff
  • Urgent Service
  • Insurance on Loan Amount
  • More Reliable
  • R.T.G.S
  • N.E.F.T

Shri Swami Vivekanand Shikshan Sansthechya Sevakanchi Sahakari Patsanstha Maryadit, Kolhapur